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The OG

unnamed (2).png

Fan favorite and the one that started it all: the classic, versatile vinaigrette 

Cilantro Lime 

unnamed (1).png

Would you expect any less from a Mexican chef? Cilantro Lime is the perfect addition to a Santa Fe salad and pairs perfectly with steak

Raspberry Ginger 

unnamed (3).png

Raspberry Ginger is the perfect summer dressing and will be the star of your pear and walnut salad

Sesame Ginger

unnamed (4).png

Creamy sesame ginger can be used as a salad dressing, dipping sauce or our favourite way: on top of grilled salmon, just to name a few!

Orange Honey 

unnamed (5).png

Orange Honey is the perfect year-round dressing, the subtle sweet flavor allows your ingredients to shine. Perfect to use as a marinade for chicken on the grill

Mango Passionfruit


Don't let this fruity name fool you, we love mango passionfruit year round for grilled shrimp and avocado bowls and to dip in fresh salad rolls.

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